Escaped Piranhas, Floating Buildings: the Strangeness of the Tennessee Floods


As you probably know by now, Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky were rocked by some severe weather last weekend that left at least 29 people dead from flooding, with more casualties expected to emerge as waters recede.

In Nashville, which had its third-rainiest day ever on Saturday, followed by record-breaking rainfall on Sunday, life has been turned upside down. Nothing can be stranger than, in the midst of chaos and tragedy, finding a building floating past dozens of abandoned cars on an interstate:

As if that wasn't odd enough, WKRN in Nashville ran this video piece, in which a reporter said that piranhas had escaped from their aquarium and were at large, swimming the inundated halls of the Opry Mills Mall.

The Opry Mills Mall is a pretty big place, and it's just been humbled — like much of the Nashville area — by the swollen Cumberland River:

Nashville area residents now face the dismal task of assessing the full extent of the devastation. For thousands of people, that will mean destroyed or damaged homes, even personal injury. This freakish tragedy — which some have called a "500-year flood" is something one can only hope is as rare as that.

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