Discovery News' Editor Paul Heltzel most recently served as managing editor for Daily Interactive, a publisher of news apps. Former stints include National Geographic and NPR, where he edited and produced stories for the Web, and PC World magazine, where he covered technology news. Heltzel has contributed articles to the Los Angeles Times, MIT Technology Review, The Washington Post,, and The New York Times on the Web. He's published five books on computer technology, science and health. He lives on the Rappahannock River in Virginia with his wife Deborah and their three kids.

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Author Stories
Nov 21, 2014 12:00 PM ET
The U.K.'s new 'Bio-Bus' carries 40 people and is powered by biomethane, produced by human and food waste.
Nov 17, 2014 03:00 PM ET
Small, slow-moving shifts in the Earth's offshore plates may accurately provide a heads up to major earthquakes and tsunamis.
Nov 15, 2014 12:00 PM ET
A viral clip from last winter shows a sheet of ice smashing into a house. How does this happen?
Nov 13, 2014 02:00 PM ET
Climate change means more lightning strikes for each degree the world warms, a new study finds.
Nov 4, 2014 04:50 PM ET
A decade of restoration efforts have helped bring back hidden kelp forests, which provide habitat for hundreds of marine species along the Southern California coast.
Oct 23, 2014 01:00 PM ET
A 6 pound gold nugget found in California carries a $350,000 to $450,000 price tag.
Oct 23, 2014 07:00 AM ET
The massive Agarikon mushroom shows promise for treating diseases such as tuberculosis, cowpox, bird and swine flu.
Oct 20, 2014 07:00 AM ET
About 96 percent of the four-lake water complex that feeds Metropolitan Sao Paulo, home to 20 million, has been used up.
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