Discovery News' Editor Paul Heltzel most recently served as managing editor for Daily Interactive, a publisher of news apps. Former stints include National Geographic and NPR, where he edited and produced stories for the Web, and PC World magazine, where he covered technology news. Heltzel has contributed articles to the Los Angeles Times, MIT Technology Review, The Washington Post,, and The New York Times on the Web. He's published five books on computer technology, science and health. He lives on the Rappahannock River in Virginia with his wife Deborah and their three kids.

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Author Stories
Sep 16, 2014 02:00 PM ET
The meteorite that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years took a toll on evergreen trees.
Sep 15, 2014 01:30 PM ET
The state is seeing a state-wide drought and its hottest year since record-keeping began.
Sep 11, 2014 02:10 PM ET
A gene studied in fruit flies, and shared by humans, is activated leading to an increased lifespan.
Sep 10, 2014 12:30 AM ET
NASA is creating a 3-D image of Earth's forests, in order to measure how trees scrub carbon from the atmosphere.
Sep 8, 2014 01:00 PM ET
A vacationing taxi driver captures on video the exact moment a volcano blows its top, followed by a sonic boom.
Sep 4, 2014 02:00 PM ET
China and India won't join world leaders in New York this month who are gathering to build consensus for a UN climate change agreement.
Aug 28, 2014 01:30 PM ET
Cauldrons forming near Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano suggest an eruption under the ice has already taken place.
Aug 21, 2014 11:30 AM ET
An American doctor and aid worker who contracted Ebola in Liberia were set to leave an Atlanta hospital on Thursday after a full recovery.
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