Glenn McDonald writes about culture and technology from his home in lovely Chapel Hill, NC. He’s a regular contributor to NPR, the Raleigh News & Observer, Indy Week and many quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore. You can say hello virtually at

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Sep 17, 2014 03:15 PM ET
Concept structure uses a shell within a shell to trap tidal energy. Continue reading →
Sep 16, 2014 01:10 PM ET
A battery-powered device could give soldiers horizontal lift to move them faster with less sweat. Continue reading →
Sep 15, 2014 02:39 PM ET
Researchers devise an ethical trap that references Asimov's Laws of Robotics. Continue reading →
Sep 15, 2014 06:55 AM ET
Take a look at how the iconic Batmobile has gone from 1939 classy to 2016 bad-assy.
Sep 12, 2014 01:10 PM ET
Simple $110 homebrew system taps into existing alert network to warn of impending seismic events. Continue reading →
Sep 11, 2014 02:40 PM ET
Russian team hopes to deliver drinking water and hydroelectric power to remote locations. Continue reading →
Sep 10, 2014 01:42 PM ET
Now in beta-testing, Cloverpop is a virtual life coach to help you deal with the hard stuff. Continue reading →
Sep 5, 2014 03:44 PM ET
Facial recognition system is designed to assess the mood of whomever you're looking at. Continue reading →
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