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Jun 14, 2013
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What the Future of Transportation Looks Like
Newly released transportation concepts promise to move us around at unheard of speeds and in ways our great grandparents didn't even dream about. Trace shows us the most amazing concepts and highlights the one most likely to actually be built.
Why Electric Cars Won't Solve the Pollution Problem
Electric cars are billed as a solution to Earth's pollution problem. But as Anthony shows us, the majority of pollution actually comes from places you'd least expect.
Flying Cars: Best or Worst Idea Ever?
Sure, the idea of a flying car SOUNDS brilliant. But would it really be so cool? Trace and Anthony look at the flying cars out there today (yup, there are some!) and find out if life would be any better if we took our cars skyward.
Electric Rides of the Future
While we've witnessed the rebirth of the electric car, here are three other battery powered / electric forms of transportation we can look forward to.
Is It Future Yet?: Hydrogen Cars
The Hydrogen Road Tour makes a pit stop in Washington, D.C., and Jorge Ribas takes a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car for a spin around the block.
Truckin From Diesel to Veg Oil
A diesel-guzzling truck is converted to run on fryer oil. Take a trip with James Williams on the journey to veggie fuel automotion.
Scientists Turn Wood into Fuel
Discovery's Tracy Staedter and Matt Danzico visit University of Massachusetts Amherst to learn how biomass gas be transformed into green gasoline.
Flying Car to Help Soldiers in War
Will flying cars ferry soldiers from the base to the battlefield? A prototype for such a vehicle could be in the works by 2015 if one U.S. government agency finds the right fit.
Down Future Roads, Everyone's Talking
Cars talking to other cars, movies beamed right to your dashboard, your GPS letting you know there's an accident ahead. Traffic expert Rick Dye weighs in on the future of driving.
Green Light for Robotic Roads
Cars that can talk to each other, to street lights and even to your mobile phone. In New York City, Jorge Ribas gets a glimpse into the future of transportation.
The Skinny On Clearing a Traffic Accident
From the high-tech cameras that locate the wreck, to the people on the ground sweeping up the debris, Jorge Ribas gets a look at all the steps needed to clean up a car accident.
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