Motorcylist Hits 186 MPH on a Crowded Highway, Faces Prison, Flees Arrest

Randy George Scott on his joy ride. Image via YouTube screenshot.

There are a lot of good reasons not to ride your motorcycle at nearly 200 mph on a crowded highway, most of them having to do with the very high chance of death, for you and other motorists. Here’s another: It can cost you your bike. And prison time. Especially when your YouTube video of the joy ride gets more than one million hits and helps identify you to the police. Sadly for 25-year-old Randy George Scott, he didn’t know any of that before it happened to him.

Scott, from Victoria, British Columbia, posted a two minute video of him on his Yamaha sport bike, weaving through traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway, going 136 mph above the speed limit.

Titled “victoria highway run 299km,” the video quickly drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers, and the police. The Times Columnist, a Vancouver newspaper, reported Scott was under suspicion from the beginning, but the video generated attention, leading witnesses to the crime to come forward.

On top of nearly $1,500 in speeding fines issued to Scott’s mother, to whom the bike is registered, Scott faces the criminal charge of dangerous driving. If convicted, he could serve six months in prison and a face fine of $5,000. Knowing police have issued a warrant for his arrest, Scott has fled, making himself a fugitive. Too bad the police have confiscated his Yamaha: He could probably make a pretty good getaway.

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Check out Scott’s ride:

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