Artist Rebuilds His Beloved 1969 Ford Mustang from Paper

Photo: Jonathan Brand

Years ago, artist Jonathan Brand sold the 1969 Ford Mustang that he had spent five years rebuilding, to have the money to buy his fiancee a diamond engagement ring. It seems he never completely got over the loss: Brand’s latest work a full-scale, 100% accurate model of the classic car, made entirely from paper.

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Photo: Jonathan Brand

One Piece At A Time, which was exhibited this fall at the Hosfelt Gallery in New York, was named for the Johnny Cash song about an assembly plant worker who steals car parts one by one until he has everything he needs to built his own ride.

The paper Mustang was displayed in parts to highlight Brand’s attention to detail. He began by designing each part on the computer, then printed, cut, folded and glued them together. From the wires connecting the engine to the treads on the tires to the glove box, it’s all there. Just don’t try to drive it.

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Photo: Jonathan Brand
Photo: Jonathan Brand

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