Cheetah Breaks Own Speed Record: DNews Nugget


Cheetah Breaks Own Speed Record: Think Usain Bolt is fast? He ain't got nuttin' on Sarah, the Cincinnati Zoo's 11-year-old cheetah.

Sarah ran 100 meters in 5.95 seconds recently, compared to Bolt's 9.58 seconds and lopping off time from her 6.13-second previous record sprint, the zoo says in a press release.

Her top speed was 61 mph. And what made her run that fast? A fluffy toy dragged along the ground, of course.

Cheetahs are uniquely suited to sprint, with their long spines, horse-like gaits and cleat-like claws. Their running technique is unrivaled in the animal kingdom; they spend more than half their time in the air.

Cheetah populations are at endangered levels, with only about 12,000 maximum alive today. Take a look at Sarah's run here:

via The Cincinnati Zoo


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