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Mar 8, 2013
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Killer Whales: How Captivity Affects Their Minds
Documentaries like "Blackfish" have sparked worldwide debate about whether Orcas should be held in captivity and used for our entertainment. Laci looks at just how intelligent these animals are and what a life out of the ocean does to them.
The Amazing Link Between Bats and Dolphins
Seeing with your eyes is SO old school: Echolocation is where it's at! Animals like dolphins and bats use it to navigate all kinds of places. Anthony and Animalist host Alex Farnham explain how these creatures got sonar and how the system works.
Whales Get Sunburned, Too
Turns out whales like to spend time under the sun, too. But just like some people, some whales are getting way too much sun, and it's causing them serious problems. Anthony discusses what's going on and what, if anything, can be done.
Dolphins Give Each Other Unique Names
A new study shows dolphins are even smarter than we thought! Scientists discovered dolphins actually give names to each other. And if you thought that was cool, you won't believe how far away they can hear each other!
Why is Whale Vomit So Valuable?
Why is smelly Sperm Whale vomit worth tens of thousands of dollars? Trust us when we say its an important ingredient in the very last product you'd think of.
Top 3 Animal Videos This Week
A handicapped pig cruising in a K'Nex Wheelchair! A moth driving a small robot! And the rescue of an adorable bottlenose dolphin! Check out our top 3 animal videos of the week!
Sperm Whales Caught Napping
Researchers stumble upon a pod of sperm whales getting some sleep in the open ocean, and the event is caught on tape. James Williams reviews the action.
Surfer Almost Swallowed by Whale Explained
A pair of leaping humpback whales nearly crush some curious onlookers. Jorge Ribas talks to a whale researcher to find out what the whales were doing right, and the people doing wrong.
Dolphin Tale: How Real is Winter's Story?
Winter the dolphin stars as herself in the new movie Dolphin Tale, which details her rescue and rehab after losing her tail. Jorge Ribas interviews the cast and crew to find out how much of the movie remains true to life.
Dolphin Tale: Building Winter's Prosthetic Tail
When a young dolphin lost its tail in a fishing accident, an aquarium and prosthetics company teamed up to build her a new one. Jorge Ribas meets Winter the dolphin, who stars in the new movie about her rescue.
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