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Mar 8, 2013
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Building the Perfect Shark Exhibit
The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Md. has just unveiled one of its most spectacular exhibits ever: Blacktip Reef. This new state-of-the-art exhibit is now home to 20 stunning sharks. What does it take to acclimate sharks to their new home?
3 Shark Myths Debunked
So many things you think you know about sharks are WRONG! Anthony and Laci team up to debunk three common myths about these toothy predators.
Shark Attack! Tips to Fight Back
Laci shares a few insider tips on what to do in the event of a shark attack.
Thresher Shark & 3-D Printed Duck Feet
Trace and Laci join up to show us their favorite videos from this week -- including a wicked thresher shark exhibiting never-before-seen behavior, and a very cute duck with a new leg up in the world.
Shark Embryos & Nature's Other Cannibals
Shark babies are cannibals. Just one more reason sharks are cool and terrifying. Trace tells us what drives some sharks to eat up their brothers and sisters, plus a list of other cannibals in the animal kingdom.
Weirdest Sharks in the Sea!
The ocean is a strange and scary place. And few ocean animals are scarier than sharks! Laci introduces us to the strangest and scariest sharks from the past and present.
Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers
Great white sharks may hunt for food, but the predators use tactics often seen among human serial killers. Jorge Ribas reports on the new study's findings.
The Skinny On Whale Sharks
Little is known about Whale Sharks -- they're hard to study because of their extreme migratory patterns. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out some interesting facts about the gentle giants of the sea.
Sixgill Sharks Still a Mystery
Little is know about the elusive Sixgill Shark, but scientists are trying to change that. The Seattle Aquarium Sixgill Shark experts provide a primer on this elusive fish.
What Would Happen If Sharks Disappeared?
Shark populations worldwide are under enormous pressure due to overfishing. So what happens to an ecosystem when apex predators like sharks disappear? We talk to Discovery Channel shark advisor Andy DeHart to find out.
Sand Tiger Sharks Deceive with Toothy Look
Don't let the rows of ragged teeth fool you, Sand Tiger Sharks, despite their menacing appearance, are actually pretty shy. But it's the mix of those two qualities that makes the shark the perfect aquarium specimen.
Sharks Take 450-Mile Road Trip
Six sand tiger sharks hit the road from South Carolina to their spacious new home at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. But the long journey means the rush is on to make sure the sharks arrive healthy.
Can CITES Save Hammerhead Sharks?
Hammerhead sharks are on the endangered species list because they're being overfished for their fins. One of the best ways to protect such endangered species is to get them listed at CITES. James Williams reports.
Whale Sharks
On the new Discovery series LIFE, we meet some of the most majestic creatures of the ocean, including whale sharks. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports on these gentle giants after swimming with some.
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