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Nov 20, 2012
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Weird Worms Eat Bones
As many as 15 different species of undersea worms that eat the bones of whales and other large, dead animals may reside in Monterey Bay in California, new research finds. Jorge Ribas takes a closer look at these mysterious boneworms.
Octopus Mimics Flounder
New video shows an octopus disguising itself as a flounder. Marine Biological Laboratory senior scientist Roger Hanlon talks to James Williams about the eight-legged impersonator.
Giant Pacific Octopus
The Giant Pacific Octopus is smarter than you might think. And at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, Jorge Ribas watches one use its wits - and many arms -to get a snack.
Colossal Squid Makes Big Splash in Lab
The world's largest colossal squid specimen is being dissected in a New Zealand lab. James Williams looks at the findings.
Sea Creature Collector: Cool Jobs
Thresher sharks, spiky urchins and sea snails are just a few creatures Eddie Kisfaludy fetches from the ocean. Discovery News' James Williams reels in the details.
Can Jellyfish Affect Climate Change ?
The collective motions of jellyfish, plankton, and other swimmers may be just as important to ocean currents as tides and wind. But just how that changes climate is still a mystery.
Boning Up on the Barracuda Bite
Cornell University researchers have published a new study which shows how the toothy, lighting-fast barracuda attacks its prey -- it slices it in half, scissor-style.
Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers
Great white sharks may hunt for food, but the predators use tactics often seen among human serial killers. Jorge Ribas reports on the new study's findings.
Bizarre Giant Fish Filmed
A huge oarfish was caught on camera in the Gulf of Mexico recently, giving scientists a rare glimpse of the bizarre fish in its native deep sea habitat. Researcher Mark Benfield describes the fish, a likely inspiration for the sea serpent myth.
Undersea Eruption Now in Stereo
What lives 1,800-feet underwater, spews molton rock and sounds like a rumbling tractor trailer? The erupting Brimstone Pit in the North Pacific, recently recorded by NOAA.
The Skinny On Whale Sharks
Little is known about Whale Sharks -- they're hard to study because of their extreme migratory patterns. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out some interesting facts about the gentle giants of the sea.
Amazon River Creatures
At the Amazonia exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, Jorge Ribas interrupts lunchtime for some of the river's aquatic residents.
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