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Jun 17, 2013
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Why Squid Are Terror Monsters of the Sea
Elliott Morgan from SourceFed comes back to DNews and talks with Anthony about just how terrifying (and awesome) squid and octopi are.
3 Extinct Animals Making a Comeback
When it comes to species extinction, it's not all doom and gloom. Trace looks at three animals, once on the brink of extinction, that are making a comeback!
Bringing Back Weird Extinct Animals
An extinct frog that hatches its young inside its stomach might be making a comeback thanks to science! In this DNews video, Anthony shows us this amazing little amphibian and how scientists are bringing it back from the dead.
Giant Squid: King of the Ocean
At last, researchers have captured footage of the giant squid. How is it different from other big squid? Trace has the details.
Rare Leopard Cubs Born
Two rare clouded leopard cubs were recently born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center.
Endangered Coral Grown in Zoo
The Smithsonian's National Zoo is growing Elkhorn coral from scratch as part of a program to save the endangered species. Jorge Ribas reports.
Rare Sturgeon Key to Breeding Program
Biologists in Maryland hope an adult female Atlantic sturgeon can help replenish local populations of the ancient species. Jorge Ribas gets the tale.
Poaching Endangers Black Rhinos
The Imire Safari Ranch in Zimbabwe says about 1,500 rhinos have been killed in less than a decade. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports on how this rhino is near the brink of extinction.
Endangered Tigers
On the new Discovery series LIFE, the hunters and the hunted fight for survival - among them tigers. Jorge RIbas reports on some Bengal Tigers are losing a fight of their own - against climate change.
Rare Cranes Get Second Chance
The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute doubles as a center for troubled cranes, and researchers hope their breeding efforts could help the massive birds avoid extinction. Jorge Ribas visits the facility.
Can CITES Save Hammerhead Sharks?
Hammerhead sharks are on the endangered species list because they're being overfished for their fins. One of the best ways to protect such endangered species is to get them listed at CITES. James Williams reports.
Rare Sumatran Tigers Caught on Camera
A family of endangered Sumatran tigers walk past and inspect a camera trap set in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park in Sumatra. The female and her two cubs give hope to WWF efforts to save the big cats. Produced by Jorge Ribas.
What Would Happen If Sharks Disappeared?
Shark populations worldwide are under enormous pressure due to overfishing. So what happens to an ecosystem when apex predators like sharks disappear? We talk to Discovery Channel shark advisor Andy DeHart to find out.
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