Endangered Animals

Nov 20, 2012
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Missing Zoo Animals in Grave Danger
A tiger and two camels have been missing for the last four days and now zoo officials worry their live are at risk. Kasey-Dee Gardner spoke with Dave Salmoni about the incident.
Millions of Turtles Killed Due to Bycatch
Millions of already endangered turtles were accidentally killed over the last two decades as a result of global fisheries. Kasey-Dee Gardner explains what this means for the already dwindling turtle populations and explains how to help solve the ...
Can CITES Save Hammerhead Sharks?
Hammerhead sharks are on the endangered species list because they're being overfished for their fins. One of the best ways to protect such endangered species is to get them listed at CITES. James Williams reports.
Rare Sumatran Tigers Caught on Camera
A family of endangered Sumatran tigers walk past and inspect a camera trap set in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park in Sumatra. The female and her two cubs give hope to WWF efforts to save the big cats. Produced by Jorge Ribas.
Mussel Men
What do researchers endure to save endangered freshwater mussels? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Border Wall Could Block Wildlife
A fence along the U.S.-Mexico border could block migrating jaguars and other animals that live in both countries. Jorge Ribas investigates.
Poaching Endangers Black Rhinos
The Imire Safari Ranch in Zimbabwe says about 1,500 rhinos have been killed in less than a decade. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports on how this rhino is near the brink of extinction.
Rare Javan Rhinos Filmed
Several Javan rhinos, one of the world's rarest large mammals, were filmed recently by remote-sensing cameras in Indonesia. The footage gives new insights about the elusive beast. Jorge Ribas reports.
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