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Mar 11, 2013
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Could a Fossilized Mosquito Resurrect Dinosaurs?
They've finally found a fossilized mosquito full of prehistoric blood! So a real "Jurassic Park" is right around the corner, right? Trace explains what exactly this discovery means, and if it means you'll be visiting Isla Nublar any time soon.
Fossil Reveals Bugs Having Sex
Who said archeology isn't sexy?! A newly uncovered fossil shows just how ancient bugs got down to mating business.
How Tiny Bugs Can Slow Down an Airplane
We've all had insects smash into our windshield when driving. Gross, yes, but it's not a major problem. But for the airlines ... it is! They're losing tons of money! Trace explains how tiny bugs can cause such a big problem.
5 Incredible Insect Superpowers
Hawk Moths have sonar-blocking genitals and bees are electrically charged! But those aren't the only superpowers insects possess. Anthony goes down his list of the top hidden skills insects have that'll knock your socks off.
Bugs, Arthropods, and Insects! Oh My!
Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. Lots of bugs. That's the conclusion a team of scientists from around the world came to after an eight-year-long census of a section of a Panamanian jungle. SO many bugs in fact, they say if bugs wanted to take over the world, th ...
Dung Beetles Use Milky Way as Compass
Poop ball making Dung Beetles actually use the Milky Way for navigation. So why does an animal who runs around hunting for poop need to navigate so accurately? Trace has the answers.
Top 5 U.S. Cities for Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs... they're not going away! And in some places, the bed bugs are biting harder than ever! Trace goes through the list of the cities affected the worst by these tiny, seemingly invincible pests.
Bed Bugs on the Rise
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! Those tiny, bloodsucking pests are making a comeback, infesting homes and hotels nationwide. Entomology professor Mike Raupp gives Jorge Ribas a closer look at the creepy critters.
Flea Jump Mystery Solved
Forty-four years after the debate about how fleas jump began, researchers say they've solved the mystery thanks to high-speed cameras that show the insects pushing off with their toes rather than with their knees. Jorge Ribas reports.
Giant Prickly Stick Insect
Looking more like a dead leaf than a stick, the Giant Prickly Stick Insect is a master of camouflage. Jorge Ribas visits the Smithsonian's National Zoo to see the huge bug up close.
Caterpillars 'Gut Slide' to Get Around
Free-floating guts in caterpillars act like pistons helping the insects move. Researchers say this newly described form of locomotion, dubbed 'gut sliding,' could aid in the design of soft-bodied robots. Jorge Ribas reports.
Termites Ready Invasion as Ice Melts
As winter melts into spring, experts warn to be on the look out for termites, which are on the hunt for wet wood. Jorge Ribas finds out how to look for signs of these insatiable insects, and how to protect your house from infestation.
Hercules Beetle
The Hercules Beetle can lift the human equivalent of a 65-ton object. Jorge Ribas finds out what else the big bug can do.
Ticks: Bloodsucking Ninjas of Summer
Summertime means being outside, and being outside means watching out for ticks. The bloodsucking parasites transmit illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Jorge Ribas gets tips on how to avoid them.
Stink Bugs Invade Homes, Damage Crops
As cooler weather nears, Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs are quickly becoming an unwelcome houseguest. But the pest is also wreaking havoc on important crops like corn and soybean. Jorge Ribas learns about the stinky invaders.
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