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Jun 14, 2013
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Octopi Have a Brain in Every Tentacle
An octopus has perhaps the most complicated brain in the entire animal kingdom. Trace explains what's so cool about it, and how its brain allows an octopus to be such an awesome creature.
Did They Really Find Bigfoot DNA?
A group is claiming they've found Bigfoot! Sound familiar? Well this time they come with DNA evidence. So is this yet another Bigfoot hoax, or the real deal? Trace and Anthony investigate these wild claims.
Dogs Have Feelings, Too
Dog owners have been saying it for years: "Dogs are really just four-legged, furry humans." And now science backs it up! Researchers trained dogs to lay still in an FMRI machine and what they found is sure to make you go "awwwwww."
All Mammals Obey Law of Urination
An elephant can hold more than 40 gallons of urine in its giant bladder. You'd think it would take a long time to empty a bladder that big, but you'd be wrong! It takes an elephant no longer than almost any other mammal. Why? Anthony has the answer.
Elks on Trampolines: Why Animals Play
There's nothing cuter than a baby animal frolicking and playing. But who says baby animals get to have all the fun?! Trace looks at the purpose of play in animals and shows us a hysterical video of an elk looking for a good time on a trampoline.
Animals Get Drunk, Too
Just like humans, sometimes animals need a drink after a tough day. And, believe it or not, mother nature meets that need. From squirrels to monkeys, Laci Green shows us the animals that like to get a little tipsy from time to time.
Animals That See in Slow Motion
Ever wonder why it's so hard to swat a fly? It's because they, and many other small animals, see in slow motion and can use that info to react faster to a coming attack. Anthony explains how this works and shares which animals can react fastest.
Frog Hears with Its Mouth
What if every time you walked around barefoot, you actually TASTED the floor? Well, that's how butterflies live. And don't get us started on the frog that hears with its mouth! Trace runs down his list of the four craziest animal senses.
Making Invasive Species Work for Us
What happens when a nefarious bug threatens valuable California citrus crops? Unleash a swarm of foreign parasitic wasps to kick the little bug's butt! Trace explains how this is gonna work.
Best Dads in the Animal Kingdom
In this video, Trace takes some time to salute the greatest dads in the animal kingdom.
Why Some Birds Don't Have Penises
Ever seen a bird penis? Chances are you haven't, because most birds don't have 'em! However, it wasn't always this way ... so what happened?! Anthony finds out.
Military Dolphin Finds 130-Year-Old Torpedo
The military is training all kinds of animals to help it do some of its most dangerous tasks -- we're talking dolphins, rats, and even bees! Anthony shows us how these amazing animals are making this world a safer place.
New Species Named After Celebrities
Fact: If you discover a new species, you get to name it. And instead of naming these new species after themselves, many scientists have taken to the tabloids in search of inspiration. Anthony goes down the list of plants and animals named after c ...
How a Genetic Mistake Can Save White Tigers
For years, white tigers have been inbred with one another to maintain their regal, milky coats. It's an unsustainable practice that causes a host of problems. Is there a safe way to keep the white tiger white? Scientists think they've found the a ...
How Animals See the World
We know some animals have better eyesight than us lowly humans, but as Anthony tells us, it's not just cats who see well in the dark. In fact, they've got nothing on a whole host of other amazing animals!
The Best Animal Moms
Laci pays tribute to the top moms in the animal kingdom.
Glowing Animals! Because Why Not?
Everything seems to be glowing these days! First glowing plants, now ... sheep! Anthony reports on the fluorescent protein that's turning animals bioluminescent and the implications it has for science.
4 Unusual Animal Mating Habits
Sex can be weird. It can be even weirder if you're a whiptail lizard. And for praying mantises, it can be downright dangerous! Laci Green lists some of the strangest mating rituals in the animal kingdom.
Sea Lions Can Keep a Beat
Turns out, sea lions love to rock out to their favorite music! Scientists at UC Santa Cruz have discovered sea lions are the only other mammals besides humans that can keep a beat. Trace has the must-see video!
Wolverine Frogs & Other Crazy Animal Defenses
A frog that breaks its own bones to create deadly stabbing weapons! Trace shows you this wicked amphibian and other animals with crazy defense mechanisms.
3 Crazy Animal Anomalies
Sometimes nature produces some crazy anomalies: animals with two heads, one eye, or extra legs! Laci takes a look at some cool examples of evolution gone awry.
Let's Talk About Rabbit Sex
DNews takes a look at Easter's favorite animal, the bunny, and finds the cute critters really DO breed like, well, rabbits.
Why Bacteria Commit Suicide
Even brainless microbes commit suicide. So does this mean they actually have higher thought function than we realized? Laci finds out.
Dolphins Give Each Other Unique Names
A new study shows dolphins are even smarter than we thought! Scientists discovered dolphins actually give names to each other. And if you thought that was cool, you won't believe how far away they can hear each other!
Top 3 Animal Videos This Week
A handicapped pig cruising in a K'Nex Wheelchair! A moth driving a small robot! And the rescue of an adorable bottlenose dolphin! Check out our top 3 animal videos of the week!
Top 3 Amazing Accidental Discoveries
Scientists come across what they think is the oldest dinosaur ever and it turns out it has been stuffed in a closet in a museum for decades! That made Trace wonder... what other amazing finds have people come across in years past? Watch and see!
Why is Whale Vomit So Valuable?
Why is smelly Sperm Whale vomit worth tens of thousands of dollars? Trust us when we say its an important ingredient in the very last product you'd think of.
The Weirdest Animal Penises
The diversity of evolution: it's downright amazing, and we're not just talkin' wings and eyeballs -- we're talkin' animal penises! Trace takes us on a tour of the animal kingdom's boxer shorts.
These Cute Animals Can Kill You!
They're little, and they're cute, but don't let that adorableness deceive you! These animals pack a mean bite and will inject you with venom if necessary. Trace warns us about these poisonous critters, beginning with three newly discovered specie ...
3 Super Weird Animal Behaviors
It's raining SPIDERS! Seriously! That and two other super weird animal behaviors in this Video Roundup!
3 Islands Overrun By Crazy Animals
An island full of slithering, deadly snakes. It's not the setting to some B-Movie, but a real place! And that's not the only island out there overrun with a particular species. Just wait 'till you see what the others have in store.
Cats Are Controlling Your Mind!
We're not kidding, guys. Some cats are sending parasites into your brain that control your mind and make you crazy. How? Anthony will tell you.
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