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Nov 20, 2012
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Shark Diving 101
Florida Aquarium staff learn how to work and swim among sharks as part of the aquarium's dive program, which also gives guests a chance to get up close and personal with the predators. Jorge Ribas visits the reef.
Cool Jobs: Shark Traffic Cop
Diving with sharks means giving them a wide berth. Florida Aquarium dive operations director Casey Coy uses a 'shark wand' to keep traffic moving smoothly in their massive reef exhibit.
Sharks Take 450-Mile Road Trip
Six sand tiger sharks hit the road from South Carolina to their spacious new home at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. But the long journey means the rush is on to make sure the sharks arrive healthy.
Sand Tiger Sharks Deceive with Toothy Look
Don't let the rows of ragged teeth fool you, Sand Tiger Sharks, despite their menacing appearance, are actually pretty shy. But it's the mix of those two qualities that makes the shark the perfect aquarium specimen.
Shark Fishing Banned in Honduras, Bahamas
Sharks passing through some parts of the Pacific and Caribbean can swim a little easier thanks to new laws recently that create permanent shark sanctuaries. Jorge Ribas reports.
How To Ship a Shark
How do you move six sand tiger sharks a distance of 450 miles? With an aquarium on the back of an 18-wheeler, that's how. Discovery News' Jorge Ribas goes on a shark-filled road trip.
Sixgill Sharks Still a Mystery
Little is know about the elusive Sixgill Shark, but scientists are trying to change that. The Seattle Aquarium Sixgill Shark experts provide a primer on this elusive fish.
Shark Finning Whistleblower On Gruesome Video
When Randall Arauz put video of sharks being finned on Costa Rican television, people took notice.
What Would Happen If Sharks Disappeared?
Shark populations worldwide are under enormous pressure due to overfishing. So what happens to an ecosystem when apex predators like sharks disappear? We talk to Discovery Channel shark advisor Andy DeHart to find out.
Can CITES Save Hammerhead Sharks?
Hammerhead sharks are on the endangered species list because they're being overfished for their fins. One of the best ways to protect such endangered species is to get them listed at CITES. James Williams reports.
Shark Decline
Shark populations are declining worldwide. Kasey-Dee Gardner dives in for the answer.
Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers
Great white sharks may hunt for food, but the predators use tactics often seen among human serial killers. Jorge Ribas reports on the new study's findings.
The Skinny On Whale Sharks
Little is known about Whale Sharks -- they're hard to study because of their extreme migratory patterns. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out some interesting facts about the gentle giants of the sea.
Shark Fears Traced
James Williams takes a look at where our modern fear of sharks originated.
Shark Sitter
Kasey-Dee Gardner takes a plunge with one of shark caretaker and finds out what it?s like to work up close with these beasts of the sea.
Swimming With Sharks
Discovery News' Kasey-Dee dives in for the chance to swim with sharks and explains how you can too.
Shark Attack Survivor Describes Ordeal
Krishna Thompson describes his 2001 struggle with a killer shark and why he's now fighting for shark conservation.
Shark Attack Victims Speak Out For Sharks
Shark attack survivors are lobbying Congress to save the creatures that went after them. James Williams reports.
Ocean Hall Swims to Surface
From a prehistoric shark to a giant squid, the Smithsonian's new Sant Ocean Hall lets visitors experience the briny deep in unexpected ways. Jorge Ribas takes a tour.
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