Nov 20, 2012
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Spider Sex Dangerous For Some
The longer a male Australian redback spider woos the female, the better chance she won't eat him the first time they mate. James Williams explores this tangled web of poisonous spider sex.
Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers
Great white sharks may hunt for food, but the predators use tactics often seen among human serial killers. Jorge Ribas reports on the new study's findings.
Tips on Preventing Exotic Animal Attacks
Owning an exotic animal can be dangerous. Animal Planet's Dave Salmoni gives tips on how to live with a wild creature.
Cobras Methodically Spray Venom
Check out this video of a cobra bobbing and weaving its head to hit desired target with its venom.
Boning Up on the Barracuda Bite
Cornell University researchers have published a new study which shows how the toothy, lighting-fast barracuda attacks its prey -- it slices it in half, scissor-style.
"Sea Monsters" Still Exist
Discovery's Deadliest Catch Captains tell us about the weirdest monsters they've found at sea.
Green Tree Python
Hanging in the trees, waiting for a tasty snack to stroll by is the Green Tree Python. Jorge Ribas slithers in for a closer look.
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