Nov 20, 2012
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Japan Earthquake Dog Explained
A video from the earthquake aftermath in Japan appears to show a muddy, shivering dog loyally waiting by an injured friend. Jorge Ribas finds out what the dog might be going through in the midst of this tragedy.
Cats Drink Differently Than Dogs
The difference between dogs and cats just widened, as scientists have found that the two animals drink liquids using entirely different methods. Dogs use a plunk and scoop method while cats delicately lap liquids with only the tip.
Cat Living in Tree Explained
Born in a tree, Almond the Cat now makes it her home. To find out if the cat will ever come down, Jorge Ribas talks to an expert in animal behavior.
Dog Growls Have Deeper Meaning
Dogs can distinguish between different types of growls, say researchers who recorded dogs growling while playing, in fear of a stranger, and guarding food. Jorge Ribas reports on the study.
Tips on Preventing Exotic Animal Attacks
Owning an exotic animal can be dangerous. Animal Planet's Dave Salmoni gives tips on how to live with a wild creature.
Cat Coloring
Kasey-Dee Gardner tackles two cat questions this week. She's finding out why all tortoise shell cats are female and why white cats are deaf.
Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight Explained
Birds attacking cats! Cats attacking each other! What's going on in this viral video? James Williams gets the explanation.
Dog Leg Twitching
Have you ever noticed when you scratch a dog their leg starts twitching like crazy? This week Kasey-Dee Gardner talks to a veterinarian to find out why that happens.
Dog Tail Chase
Ever wonder why dogs get such a thrill out of chasing their tails? Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner sits down with a pet psychologist to dig up the details.
Denali's Dogs Pull Their Weight
Alaska's Denali National Park is the only U.S. national park that still uses sled dogs to patrol its six million acres of artic terrain. Jorge Ribas visits the kennel.
Alaskan Husky
Nothing conjures up the image of a dogsled race like an Alaskan Husky. Jorge Ribas meets some of these wourld renowned dogs.
Cat vs Gator Explained
When a cat meets an alligator in a viral video...the cat wins? How is that possible? James Williams talks to an alligator expert to find out.
Training a Dog (and a human) for a 1,100 mile race
The Iditarod, it's Alaska's iconic 1,100 mile sled dog race which starts in Anchorage and ends in Nome. And competitors in this long, arduous journey don't get ready overnight. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out what it takes to get ready for this race.
Dogs Read Gestures Like Toddlers
Dogs recognize pointing gestures on a similar level as 2-year-olds. James Williams takes a look at the video.
Dogs and Humans Think, Act Alike
Dogs may be more like humans than previously thought. A new study shows how dogs are able to mimic human behavior, which may shed light into what makes humans behavior unique. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports.
Dog Howls Baby To Sleep Explained
A YouTube video shows a dog seemingly howling a baby to sleep. Is that what's really going on? James Williams gets the real story.
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