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Nov 20, 2012
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Mosquitoes Use Music To Mate
Synchronized wing beats help mosquitoes meet their mates. James Williams discovers what the flap is about.
Monarch Butterflies Tagged for Trip South
Monarch butterflies can migrate 3,000 miles each year. Jorge Ribas flutters around Monarch Watch volunteers tracking the voyage.
Monarch Butterfly Fast Facts
The 4th grade class from St. Joe Elementary School in the Ozark Mountain School District teaches Jorge Ribas all about Monarch butterflies.
This week Kasey-Dee Gardner shines some light on why fireflies brighten up the summer sky.
Raw: The Maggot Mass
James Williams gets up close and personal with a maggot mass in Michigan.
Flood of Mosquitos?
Standing water makes a perfect home for mosquitos to breed, and thunderstorms can dump buckets of water in the summer months. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out if a wet summer will lead to a mosquito boom.
Forensic Entomologist
Maggots? Flies? Corpses? All in a grisly day?s work for a forensic entomologist. James Williams gets the gritty details.
Proof Bug Repellant Works
After getting 120 mosquito bites on one arm, James Williams knows what it means to have an itch.
Death Munching Blow Flies
Blow flies can help the police determine when someone was killed. James Williams visits a dead pig farm to find out how.
Mosquito Repellent Researcher
An arm full of bug bites is all in a day's work for researchers looking for the next, best mosquito repellent. James Williams gets the buzz.
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