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Nov 20, 2012
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'Dawn Runner' Sheds Light on Dino Evolution
A recently discovered dinosaur could unearth clues on the early days of dinosaur evolution, according to researchers. Jorge Ribas gets a closer look at Eodromaeus or 'Dawn Runner'.
Terror Bird Fought Like Muhammad Ali
New research reveals that terror birds - large, prehistoric carnivores that evolved alongside dinosaurs - hunted their prey with quick, opportunistic strikes. Trace Dominguez reports.
How do you locate your next dino dig? By prospecting in them thar hills! James Williams finds out how it's done.
On Fossil-Eating Plants
Plants love dinosaur bones as much as we do ? maybe more! James Williams gets the dirt.
Dinosaur Mummy Has Skin, Guts
The most intact dinosaur mummy is about to be unveiled to the public. Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner gets a sneak peek.
Dino Bone Excavation
Montana is rich in dinosaur fossils but paleontologists are picky about what sites they chose to excavate. This week Kasey-Dee Gardner and James Williams find out why.
The Skinny on Digging For Dinos
Few things are as addictive as cutting through dirt hoping to unearth a fossil, as James Williams discovers.
In The Field: Dino Base Camp
A lot can happen at the base camp of a dinosaur dig, including saving a bird's life. James Williams gets the scoop.
Mobile Dino Lab Brings Modern Tools to Field
For the first time ever, paleontologists are chemically analyzing dinosaur fossils the same day they're excavated from the ground. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why this new technique is so important.
Tiny T-Rex-Like Dino Debuts
A raptorex, a much smaller yet equally terrifying version of T-Rex, was uncovered in China. Dr. Paul Sereno, the lead researcher, talks about this discovery.
The Dino Mummy
Discovery News takes a tour of Leonardo, the most intact dinosaur mummy ever found.
Becoming a Dinosaur Mummy
Kasey-Dee Gardner uncovers the strange phenomenon of dinosaur mummification.
Getting To Know a Duck-Billed Dinosaur
Dr. Bob Bakker, the curator of the duck-billed dinosaur mummy, tells us about this Cretaceous species.
The Skinny On Dino Bling
Horns, spikes and plates got a lot of attention in the days of dinos. James Williams learns what all the fuss was about.
The Futurist: Retro-Engineering Dinos
Flip a genetic switch and turn a bird into a dino? Not quite, but not so far off either. James Williams gets the story from paleontologist Jack Horner.
X-Ray Vision Shows Dino-Era Bugs
Using high energy X-rays, scientists have discovered fossilized bugs and dinosaur feathers in opaque amber from the Mid-Cretaceous era.
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