Video Shows Fish Dying in Utah Chevron Oil Spill


A recent oil spill that sent 33,000 gallons of crude oil into Salt Lake City waterways has killed numerous fish, according to multiple media reports and Utah's KSL News, which videotaped some of the deaths.

The endangered "June sucker" is just one of many fish species that live in the region. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Chevron owned the pipeline that cracked last week, spilling the toxic oil into Red Butte Creek. Homeowners in the area said the stench was so strong that it smelled like someone had poured gasoline directly on their houses.

(Red Butte Creek before the spill. Credit: Scott Catron)

Chevron has since replaced the 22-foot section of damaged pipe, but oil still remains in the waterways and the long-term outlook for affected wildlife remains uncertain.

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