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Jan 5, 2016 12:00 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Snakes reveal that recovery from digestion is not complete, leaving behind damage to cells that can accumulate over time.
Dec 21, 2015 03:02 PM ET // Discovery News
It's the creature's first appearance in more than 15 years.
Dec 10, 2015 11:55 AM ET
While fictional antiquities acquirer Indiana Jones might have the most famous fear of snakes, he's far from alone. It turns out it's one of mankind's most common phobias.
Dec 9, 2015 02:40 PM ET // Richard Farrell
A special molecular film coats their bellies and smooths the ride.
Nov 17, 2015 02:15 PM ET // Richard Farrell
Species of snake in nine states are vulnerable to an often deadly disease.
Oct 19, 2015 04:42 PM ET // Discovery News
The lifelong water-dweller may be drawn north by warmer El Nino waters.
Oct 16, 2015 07:13 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
New video shows a camera falling into a noisy pit of rattlesnakes illustrates how many snakes gather at this time of year.
Oct 5, 2015 03:30 PM ET // Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience
Snakes lack limbs, but new research finds that they still have DNA crucial to limb development lurking in their genomes.
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