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Mar 22, 2016 07:00 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
White-tailed prairie dogs may appear cute, but watch them long enough and you may witness a killing.
Jan 22, 2016 10:45 AM ET // AFP
The findings may help scientists better understand human disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, where a person's sense of empathy is disrupted.
Nov 18, 2015 06:00 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
The parasites seem to have it made, but poor decisions can lead to horrific consequences. Continue reading →
Jul 28, 2015 07:01 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Is your hamster happy? A new tool to assess moods in the furry little rodents can tell if they are optimistic or depressed.
Apr 21, 2015 09:29 AM ET // Discovery News
A Maine beaver was just doing what beavers do -- but its busy work happened to knock down a major transmission line.
Feb 6, 2015 03:20 PM ET // Discovery News
Atypical among small rodents, the creature's coloring and defensive bark give predators something to think about.
Feb 5, 2015 09:55 AM ET // Discovery News
A rodent closely related to guinea pigs used its powerful incisors to do more than just bite things.
Apr 28, 2014 11:00 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Men, but not women, increase anxiety levels in mice and rats, research shows. Continue reading →
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