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One anemone is living with an unidentified organism, nicknamed the "eggroll," holding on to it.
Dr. Frank R. Rack, ANDRILL Science Management Office, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Upside-down fish & 'the eggroll'

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But anemones aren't the only creatures living in this dark, icy world. The researchers also found fish that swim upside down, marine worms that live in the icy melt, crustaceans called amphipods and a strange creature resembling a sea cucumber, which they nicknamed "the eggroll."

"What started out as an engineering test of the remotely operated vehicle during its first deployment through a thick ice shelf turned into a significant and exciting biological discovery," Rack said in a statement.

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The team plans to apply for funding to return to the ice shelf with a more advanced robot that could go farther under the ice, all the way to the seafloor.

The ANDRILL mission was funded by the National Science Foundation and the New Zealand Foundation for Research.

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