Shark Week GIF of the Day: Tiger Shark


The tiger shark is among the top three deadliest sharks in the water, according to the latest statistics on the grisly subject. It's also the top attack species in Hawaii.


This shark with a non-stop appetite will inhabit anything from up-close coastal waters to continental shelf and offshore seas, including oceanic island chains. Off the U.S. coast of the Atlantic, tiger sharks will range from Massachusetts to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, while off the west coast it will inhabit waters in southern California and points south. They also call the Hawaiian, Marshall and Solomon Island waters home.

Tiger sharks are among the larger sharks out there. Some of the biggest among them are more than 18 feet long and weigh more than 1 ton. Litters of anywhere from 35 to more than 50 pups help populate the world's waters with the impressive creatures.

Happy to feast on a diet of things like crabs, bony fish, conches, lobsters, porpoises, turtle, and, yes, possibly even people, the tiger shark is the kind of marine life seafaring folk would just as soon not see.

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