Fake Kelp, Buoy Alert Could Help Prevent Shark Attacks: Page 2

The Clever Buoy seeks out the sonar signature of sharks and the alerts lifeguards.

Clever Buoy is yet another new shark attack deterrent system. The visible part of the device is a bright yellow buoy.

Hamish Jolly, who helped to develop Clever Buoy, explained that it "is a shark detection system, which uses remote sensing in the ocean looking for shark-like objects. When it finds a shark, it sends a signal to shore via satellite through the Optus network."

Jolly, co-founder with Craig Anderson of Shark Mitigation Systems, added that the sensing component utilizes commercial software already used by the oil and gas industry. Instead of being calibrated to look for oil, the system is adjusted to seek out the sonar signature of sharks.

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Once a shark is detected, an alert is sent to local lifeguards or other officials, who can see the alert on a smart device. They may then sound an alarm, notifying recreational water users to get out of the water until the shark swims away.

Both the Sharksafe Barrier and Clever Buoy are still in development and testing phases. O'Connell said that "once we finish our final phase of research in South Africa (anticipated completion date is August 2014), we will be searching for funding so we can deploy the barrier at beach sites."

Clever Buoy could be spotted at beaches by mid 2015, which is when Jolly, Anderson and their team hope to commercialize their system.

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