New Species of Catfish Found in India


Current members of the catfish species, look out: There's a new fish in town.

Ichthyologists -- zoologists who study fish -- from Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) in India announced they have discovered a new species of catfish, only the second species belonging to the genus Creteuchiloglanis.

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The new catfish -- dubbed Creteuchiloglanis payjab -- was found in the Yomgo River, at an altitude of about 6,558 feet, in the state of West Siang district of the state of Arunchal Pradesh.

The holotype and paratype for the fish were sent to the Rajiv Gandhi University Museum of Fishes and the Zoological Survey of India. The name "payjab" comes from the local name for the fish.

via Times of India

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