Newly Found Dino Had Chicken-Sized Babies: Page 2


Currie, though, described Yulong mini as having a "sedentary lifestyle that did not involve the pursuit of similar-sized prey."

The dinosaur might then have rather passively poked around for food, similar to how some birds today forage.

Yulong mini itself was good eats.

Just as many humans today love chicken, it seems that other dinosaurs enjoyed chowing down on Yulong. Remains of several large carnivorous dinosaurs, including T. rex, were found in the area and likely preyed on the more sedentary dinosaurs, the researchers believe.

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While Yulong mini and other oviraptorid dinosaurs resembled chickens and other modern birds and appear to have behaved somewhat like them, they were definitely non-avian dinosaurs and not birds.

"They could not have been the ancestors to modern birds," Lü explained. "They (exemplify) convergent evolution and went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous."

That was around 65 million years ago, when the world's non-avian dinosaurs all went extinct.

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