Dinosaur Freeway Found in Colorado (continue)

The dinosaur freeway area in Colorado.
Wikimedia Commons/Heinrich Harder

Lockley shared that other similar dinosaur thoroughfares have been discovered in Utah and Switzerland, both dating to the Jurassic Period.

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"They mainly show that dinosaurs roamed very freely and for long distances along coastal plains," he said.

Spencer Lucas, curator of paleontology at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, told Discovery News that he believes "the conclusions of this article make eminent sense. They follow up on decades of careful research by Lockley and his collaborators on the track sites of what he calls the "Dinosaur Freeway."

Lucas added, "Significantly, the rocks in question yield very few fossil bones, so what we know about the extinct ecosystem -- dinosaurs, pterosaurs, etc. -- comes to us from the footprint record."

Lockley and Kukihara hope that future investigations will reveal even more tracks, helping to shed further light on the freeway and dinosaur behavior during the Cretaceous.

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