Award-Winning Photos Vividly Capture Marine Life


Winners of The Ocean Art Underwater Photo competition, the world’s largest contest of its kind, were announced this week.


Contest organizer Scott Gietler of the Underwater Photography Guide informed me that there were seven winners in each of 11 categories, including Wide-angle, Macro, Portrait, Behavior, Novice, Nudibranchs, Supermacro, Fashion and three Compact Camera categories.


Entries were judged by Chris Newbert, Martin Edge, Marty Snyderman, and Bonnie Pelnar — all professional photographers. The winning pics include a cuttlefish snapped while it was eating, an octopus guarding its eggs, and a juvenile flying fish.

“The best of show was a stunning portrait of a saltwater crocodile in the Solomon Islands, taken by Keri Wilk,” Gietler said.

Please check out that photo, along with some of the other winners:


(Saltwater crocodile “Crocodile Smile”- Keri Wilk of Ontario, Canada)


(“Cuttlefish Lunch”- Massimiliano Muratore, Italy)


(“First Lesson in Life”- Bettina Balnis, Germany)


(“Moustache”- Enrico Pati, Italy)


(“Close-up Pipefish”- Jonas Samuelsson, Thailand)


(“Starry Night”- Keri Wilk, Ontario, Canada)


(“Starry Day”- Eddy Wong, Boston)


(“Hermit’s Love”- Karel Bernard, Estonia)


(“Under the Jetty”- Phil Sokol, San Diego)


(“On Guard”- Matt Tworkowski, Australia)



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