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Nov 20, 2012
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Cool Jobs: Shark Traffic Cop
Diving with sharks means giving them a wide berth. Florida Aquarium dive operations director Casey Coy uses a 'shark wand' to keep traffic moving smoothly in their massive reef exhibit.
Cool Jobs: Adventurer
Olly Steeds - renowned investigative journalist and host of Discovery's Solving History - gives away the most important aspect of being a successful adventurer and explorer.
Cool Jobs: Hacker
Beware the pineapple, especially if Darren Kitchen's around. The hacker and host of tech show Hak5 talks to Jorge Ribas about one of his favorite exploits, plus how he got started.
Mosquito Repellent Researcher
An arm full of bug bites is all in a day's work for researchers looking for the next, best mosquito repellent. James Williams gets the buzz.
Sea Creature Collector: Cool Jobs
Thresher sharks, spiky urchins and sea snails are just a few creatures Eddie Kisfaludy fetches from the ocean. Discovery News' James Williams reels in the details.
Flavor Chemist: Cool Jobs
Have you ever wondered why your food tastes so good? Discovery News' Kasey Dee Gardner introduces you to one man behind the science.
Jack Horner, Dino Digger: Cool Jobs
Find out what keeps one of the world's most famous paleontologists digging for dinosaurs. Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner talks with Jack Horner.
Does archaeology really include globetrotting adventures filled with mystery, danger and romance? Jorge Ribas gets the answer from a real-life archaeologist.
Antarctic Penguin Researcher
Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out what it's like to study penguins in Antarctica and how to survive the cold.
Giraffe Keeper
Get a look at what it's like to take care of our planet's tallest land-living animal. Jennifer Viegas talks to the Oakland Zoo's Amy Kinzley.
Cool Jobs: Burn Boss
Mike Melnechuk of the Nature Conservancy sets prairie fires for a living. Jorge Ribas finds out what it takes to be a burn boss.
Ancient Wood Expert
Excavating ancient ruins can turn up strange items - such as preserved wood that's thousands of years old. Discovery News' Rossella Lorenzi sits down with an ancient wood expert in Ciaro, Eygpt to find out what it takes to be an ancient wood expert.
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut? Kasey-Dee Gardner introduces you to Space Shuttle Commander Stephen Frick.
Mussel Men
What do researchers endure to save endangered freshwater mussels? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Extreme Tool Builder
The Hubble Space Telescope wouldn't work without Jill McGuire. That's because she and her team help build the tools that keep it running. She talks to Jorge Ribas about her cool job.
Kasey-Dee Gardner sat down with Kara Cooney to learn what it's like to be an Egyptologist.
Forgery Expert
Ancient relics are only helpful to historians if they're real. James Williams exposes the methods of an expert who can tell the difference.
An ocean of opportunity awaits those who study the seas. James Williams discovers what an oceanographer loves about his job.
Cool Jobs: Deep Sea Detectives
Marine archaeologists take their profession to a whole new level - the bottom of the ocean. Jorge Ribas meets the crew uncovering World War II shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina.
Planetary Meteorologist
Massive hurricanes! Poisonious Clouds! Extreme Temperatures! Just a routine day for a Planetary Meteorologist.
Fossil Hunters: Cool Jobs
World travel, summers in the outdoors and a first look at some of the oldest bones in the world. The perks of paleontology are many, as Discovery News' James Williams finds out.
Shuttle Launch Director
Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out what it is like to be launch director at NASA.
Forensic Entomologist
Maggots? Flies? Corpses? All in a grisly day?s work for a forensic entomologist. James Williams gets the gritty details.
Mummy Hunter
Dr. Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, gives Discovery News' Rossella Lorenzi an exclusive interview.
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