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Oct 16, 2012 01:22 PM ET // Trace Dominguez
Jane's husband is out looking for a bear but the family is running low on food, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.
Oct 26, 2012 01:13 PM ET // Trace Dominguez
When trying to break into a building in a desolate urban landscape, Bear Grylls' cameraman doesn't anticipate the decreasing size of the air shaft.
Oct 3, 2012 12:50 PM ET // Trace Dominguez
When you picture cliff diving, you probably don't imagine it quite like this.
Oct 8, 2012 01:37 PM ET // Trace Dominguez
When Discovery wants to learn what happens when an airplane crashes, they go big rather than go home.
Nov 23, 2011 06:33 PM ET // Ian O'Neill
Is the Bear Grylls inside you getting itchy feet? Set him loose with these nifty outdoors gift ideas from
Oct 9, 2012 02:16 PM ET // Trace Dominguez
As Felix Baumgartner prepares to plummet from 22 miles above the Earth, the Telegraph has posted this video to show how it should go.
Aug 20, 2012 01:34 PM ET // Trace Dominguez
When Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs crew sees an obstacle, they resolve the situation.
Nov 5, 2012 11:49 AM ET // Trace Dominguez
How do these death-windmill machines throw pumpkins hundreds or even thousands of feet?