Man Survives Avalanche with Help of Fellow Snowmobilers (Video)

Photo via 777onBCR on YouTube

Avalanches are always a potential threat when backcountry skiing — but the same goes for backcountry snowmobiling as well. In this find from Jalopnik, one rider falls from his snowmobile — which isn’t too disastrous — only to get caught in a subsequent rush of snow when walking back to his vehicle. The avalanche buries him instantly — but fortunately in the sights of the cameraman and another fellow rider.

In a scramble, the snowmobilers come to his rescue and dig his head out enough to confirm that he’s still breathing; fortunately, he wasn’t buried too deep. Shovels are called in to finish the rescue, and the man survives the ordeal:



He was lucky though; if the avalanche had buried him without anyone knowing where he was, he might have been stuck there indefinitely, with the potential fatal threats of suffocation and/or hypothermia.

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