Child Survives 11 Days in Siberian Forest: Page 2


When the dog came back "we thought this is it" for Karina, as temperatures in the area had already dropped below freezing at night.

Trace breaks down what happens when you don't eat and drink.

A report on the channel said the search party kept to creeks and meadows, going into the forest only in the presence of special forces because there are so many bears in the area.

The search team came across Karina's footprints two days later and found her lying in tall grass about six kilometres (four miles) north of her village, shaken but alive.

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By then she had lost her shoes and was walking barefoot and had lost a considerable amount of weight.

Television pictures showed the wide-eyed girl in a T-shirt and leggings just after she had been found gulping water before being carried onto a helicopter.

She said she ate berries and drank water from the river to survive.

The Sakha region in northeastern Russia is one of the country's most remote, known for its icy rivers, permafrost, and rich wildlife that includes reindeer and brown bears.

Sakha governor's office said Karina was in the main regional hospital in the city of Yakutsk and is recovering well.

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