2010: Haitian Teenager Rescued After Quake

Men reconstruct destroyed buildings in Port-au-Prince.
Anthony Asael/Corbis

On Jan. 12, 2010, 16-year-old Darlene Etienne was studying in her cousin’s hillside Port-au-Prince home when the 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti and the building crumbled on top of her. Fifteen days later, a passing man heard groaning from a pile of rubble.

Within hours, rescuers had dug a 4-foot deep, 2 1/2-foot wide trench, where they found Etienne, who was covered in white dust and had the sunken eyes of a ghost, trapped under a piece of metal. (See the rescue video.) Other than a broken leg, her injuries were minimal. Etienne later told reporters that she had been awake and conscious the entire time, screaming for help at passersby.

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