Sumo Skier On The Slopes (Video)

Photo via WarrenMillerEnt on YouTube

As spring approaches, the American skiing community can arguably start to chalk up this past winter season as one that has been less than stellar, compared to previous years. It’s been a pretty mild winter in many parts of the US, which never good news for the ski resort business. However, the skiing and snowboarding community have gone out regardless to get whatever action on the powder they can get, no matter how mediocre it is compared to previous seasons. I myself went out on the slopes this season, on an unseasonably warm day where some people were in t-shirts.

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But t-shirts are nothing compared to the clothes donned by one sumo skier in Japan — as seen in this find from NE Mountain Sports, a video from Warren Miller Entertainment — who skied while wearing nothing but his mawashi:

Here’s hoping to a better and colder US ski season next winter. If not, and it continues to get warmer, perhaps this Japanese sumo clothing trend will be at a ski resort near you.

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