Siberian Bear Has Jedi Moves Like the "Star Wars Kid" (Video)

Photo via AcIIuPAHT and raze7ds on YouTube

Remember the “Star Wars kid” from that viral-video-turned-Internet-and-pop-culture-phenomenon years ago, in which a high school kid embarrassingly shows off his lightsaber skills with a golf club? Well move over kid, because in this find from io9, there’s a bear in Russia’s Royev Ruchey Zoo that totes crazy pole-twirling skills worthy of a Jedi too.

According to RT News, the rare white-claw Himalayan forest bear is named Pamir, and he has been playing with his wooden staff since he was a cub. Practice makes perfect for the now seven-year-old saber-twirling Jedi bear, as seen in this amateur video shot by Andrey Kutzenko:


If you want to see Pamir in person, travel to Krasnoyarsk in the middle of Russian Siberia, where he makes residence in his cage at the zoo there — a confinement that arguably helps protect him from extinction, since his kind is on the Red List of Threatened Species. If he ever was released in the wild though, I’m sure he’d be tough enough to fend for himself with his Jedi skills. The Force may be with you — but can it also be with bears too?

Photo via AcIIuPAHT and raze7ds on YouTube

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