Russell Crowe Gets Lost Kayaking: DNews Nugget


Russell Crowe Gets Lost Kayaking:

U.S. Coast Guard officers lent actor Russell Crowe a lift Saturday night after the star of the 2003 naval film Master and Commander and a friend beached their kayaks in the dark 10 miles from their starting point at Cold Spring Harbor on the Long Island Sound. The two had had left the harbor in the afternoon and kayaked for four hours and 30 minutes before it got dark and pulled into Huntington Bay. The U.S. Coast Guard was patrolling the area, and heard Crowe call out to them from the shore around 10 p.m., reported Petty Officer Robert Swieciki to the AP. Both kayakers were wearing life vests and the coast guard gave them and their kayaks a ride to Huntington Harbor. “He just needed a little bit of help, he just got a little lost,” Swieciki said. “It wasn’t really a rescue, really, more of just giving someone a lift.” Crowe tweeted a thank you to the officers at 1:30 a.m.

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