Spend Your Bachelor Party Crushing Cars in a Tank


There’s something that seems so incredibly satisfying and fun about driving a tank. The raw power is gloriously expressed by driving over- and crushing the heck out of- a helpless, puny car. That’s the glee packaged and sold by Drive a Tank, a Minnesota outfit.

Drive a Tank offers a variety of packages that include a history lesson, training, test firing a machine gun and the tank’s gun (blanks), and, of course, driving the thing. If you’re going to drop the extra $549 to add a car crush to your afternoon, you should spend the extra $200 and do the double: what better way to spend a birthday or bachelor party than driving a military behemoth over two cars at the same time?

The tanks used are British, the car crusher is a Chieftain Main Battle Tank nicknamed “Larry.” It’s an expensive proposition- the cheaper package (the 3 Star Lieutenant General) costs $399 per driver. But it’s an experience you’ll never forget- and a story you’ll never get tired of telling.

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Photo: skuds / CC

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