Tents of the Future


Photo: A 2-pound tent from Sierra Designs. Credit: Sierra Designs

Does your hiking backpack weigh almost as much as you? The Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City this week offers some alternatives as companies show off the latest in high-technology tents and outdoor gear.

First up is an under 2-pound tent from Sierra Designs made of sailcloth and carbon-fiber poles.

"The tent is certainly a pièce de résistance of modern tent technology and design," blogs GizMag. "Instead of the standard nylon or polyester, cuben fiber, an ultralight, highly durable fabric used in sailcloth, is used to create the tent body and integrated rain fly. Cuben fiber has been showing up more and more in the outdoors market over the past few years, appearing in other tents like the Brooks-Range Rocket Tent and Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1."

If the $1,799 price tag seems a little steep, there's also a zipper-less from Big Agnes that uses magnets to snap doors shut. It weighs in at 3 pounds, 10 ounces.

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If you're a minimalist who like to sleep on the grass, Gear Junkie Stephen Regenold offers a preview of Mountainsmith’s Mountain Shelter LT, which allows your hiking poles to double as tent supports.

Photo: Mountainsmith's Mountain Shelter LT. Credit: Mountainsmith

Or, if pitching a tent leaves you tangled in poles and nylon, try an inflatable tent from Kelty. Using a floor pump, you can inflate chambers that provide support and have your family's tent up in under a minute.

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If you can't leave your other technological gadgets behind, check out the Glastonbury Salon Powered Concept Tent, which uses specially coated solar threads woven into fabric to capture energy from the sun.

Photo: Glastonbury Salon Powered Concept Tent. Credit: Glastonbury

Beyond tents, Outside Magazine offers more peeks into the trade show.



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