Obsessed Scuba Divers Risk Life and Limb For "Black Coral" in a New Film (Video)

Photo via thebrotherswinn on YouTube
Photo via thebrotherswinn on YouTube

It’s one thing to enjoy scuba diving, and it’s another to love it so much that you actually go and become a divemaster so the underwater sport can be a part of your regular life. However, it’s definitely another level down — literally and figuratively — when you become so obsessed with black coral diving that it actually becomes a potentially fatal addiction.


Black Coral, a new scuba diving documentary movie by Brett and Jedd Winn, explores the culture of black coral diving in Maui, Hawaii where a group of men dive deep into the ocean in search of Hawaii’s state gemstone. And by deep I mean really deep — at depths deeper than 170 ft below the surface. Diving this deep is extremely taxing to human physiology, particularly when coming back to the surface in an uncontrolled manner. To make a comparison, PADI, the international organization which has standardized diving practice, only allows deep divers to go up to 130 ft. deep.

“Unfortunately the Black Coral story is laced with a lot of tragedy,” says a diver in the trailer. “Dive stories that involve a lot of guys who didn’t come up.”

From the looks of the Black Coral trailer tipped to us by Gadling, this is not to be a total feel good movie about scuba diving. Rather, it appears to be a true life drama that explores the excitement and danger of black coral diving, which ultimately leads to a watery road filled with addiction, death, and a stubborn obsession to continue. Images in the trailer show scuba divers unconscious, spinning out of control, bleeding underwater, and coming face-to-face with big marine creatures:


The quote at the end sums it up perfectly: “The ocean don’t care if you got family or friends or little kids. The ocean will kill you. It’s a good business to get out of.”

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