Jetpack Lets Humans Perform Dolphin-Like SeaWorld Tricks (Video)

Image: Flyboard

Humans, the ability to perform SeaWorld-like tricks is within reach.

The Flyboard is a jetpack that allows you to dive in and out of water, flying with extreme ease. Since the pack attaches to the feet and includes steering nozzles for the hands, it gives users control and stability, especially with turns. “It’s kind of an Iron Man rig, and looks like it’s at least 5x more fun (scientifically speaking),” Gizmodo writes. Here’s how it works

Water is fed into the system through a jetski’s output (as long as it has a 100HP motor), or you can get the more expensive pro system which includes its own little inboard motor.

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Image: Flyboard
Image: Flyboard

The basic Flyboard kit costs about $6,600. With it, adventurers can jump more than 30 feet out of the water, able to perform tricks, such as backwards somersaults. Check out the video below to see this thing in action. Fair warning: After the first minute or so of cool tricks, the video goes into interview mode, which is fine and dandy, but it’s all in French.


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