5 Epic Surf Wipeouts Are Nominees for the Year's Best (Video)

Danny Griffith goes down in style in Tasmania. Image via YouTube screenshot.

The Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, 2012 edition, are coming up on May 4, and the nominees have been released. The classic categories are there: biggest wave, monster tube, best performance, but the most fun may be the Verizon Wipeout Award. Because for every masterful ride, there’s one that ends in utter disaster. And these five disasters are on an epic scale.

The five nominees (all the in the video below) are performances by Felipe Ceserano, Rodrigo Koxa, Garrett McNamara, Danny Griffith and Mark Matthews. While I’m a fan of Griffith’s spill- he catches an edge at the foot of the wave- my vote is for McNamara, who pretty much falls off the top of a monster wave at Jaws, one of the world’s toughest surfing spots. Fortunately (and unbelievably) none of the five surfers were injured.

You can check out the videos of all of the nominated “performances” for the different categories on the Billabong XXX Web site.

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