Subwing: Like Water Skis, Except Submerged (Video)

Image: screenshot

Think of the Subwing as submerged water skis. You hold onto it as a boat drags you underwater.

The contraption has two wings that can be tilted to perform stunts such as dives, sideway movements or spins, which you can see in the video below. DVICE notes this looks like “a hell of a ‘sport’ … so long as you’re careful and don’t fly into any underwater corals or rocks.”


The device attaches to a boat via a 15-meter rope, though longer ropes can help achieve deeper dives. The only other equipment needed is a diving mask. The Subwing comes in fiberglas ($700), carbon glossy ($895) and carbon matte ($850) models.

Image: Subwing
Image: Subwing
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